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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required of any Company interested in signing-on?

  • Upon receipt of an Expression of Interest from a potential Client, SSFL shall forward an application form to the Client to be filled and returned, following which a Service Level Agreement stating the terms of engagement shall be executed by both parties.

Will the Potential Client have its own Trademark?

  • Yes. Each Client shall have its own trademark, label, bottle design and NAFDAC registration details. Details of these shall be agreed and stipulated in the Service Level Agreement.

Who is responsible for NAFDAC Registration?

  • SSFL shall be responsible for processing the registration of its Clients and its periodic renewal with NAFDAC however the Client shall be responsible for any cost or financial implication in this regard. All such costs will however be pre-agreed with the Client before they are incurred.

Who is responsible for delivery of the finished products to the Clients choice of destination?

  • Each Client shall be responsible for transporting finished products from SSFL factory. However, a Client may decide to outsource delivery of its purchased products to SSFL’ subsidiary that renders transport and logistics services.

What kind of water is SSFL bottling?

  • SSFL shall commence with purified water i.e. water that has been produced by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis or other suitable processes.

Does SSFL have plans of going into other types of bottled water production soon?

  • Yes. We have plans to commence production of mineral water and artesian well water under our phase 2 expansion plan. If possible, we will also produce flavored water and carbonated drinks, however subject to demand from you our client.

What is the possibility of being a shareholder in your business?

  • SSFL has shares reserved for future investors under its proposed expansion plan. However, this is subject to agreement of terms under a substantive shareholders agreement.