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Water And You Vol 1 - Issue 1

Water And You Vol 1 - Issue 1


The significance of water to the human body is no news.
As humans, we often overlook whatever we find easy access to.  WATER is one of the most easily accessed resources in developed parts of the world yet commonly underestimated.

The 8x8 rule states that every person should drink 8 ounces (2 liters) of water daily. Though this seems like a reasonably achievable goal, we often get too occupied in our daily pursuit that the quantity of water we drink becomes irrelevant.

This often affects us in areas we least expect. For example, our mood control, reaction to situations, creativity, speed, stress level, agility, and many other things can be affected by the volume of our water intake.

An average adult male's body water is 60-65% while the average female's body water is 55%.

In this weekly series, we will look into all the challenges you can face if your water level is below the expected average.


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